When moving oversized and extremely heavy cargo by road we take into account a lot of particulars into equation. Ability of clear communication and planning becomes vital when coordinating the move with many other vendors involved in the process. Those vendors are companies that help overcoming the obstacles that we meet on our route such as street furniture, overhanging wires, bridges any much more. As an example on this page, you can see how we had to arrange the number of steel sheets to cover a particular street intersection to protect the underground structures (gas pipeline) from damage due to the cargo weight. When it comes to operation, our engineering department plays a vital role in execution process covering lots of unknowns that can come our way moving a project load from start to finish.


We do not just rely on the carrier's judgement when it comes to developing the loading and securing methods of the project cargo. Our engineering department is working head to head with the crew of the carrier to ensure the loading/offloading and lashing execution is done in the most efficient and safe way. Our scope often includes the motion studies to check the forces that are applied to the cargo when on board of the vessel, this dictates the lashing equipment and methods that serve to ensure safe transportation over the ocean.