As a Project Freight Forwarder we are used to the ever-changing environment specific to the logistics industry. When we deal with the oversized shipments or building the complete logistics plan for the capital projects, we always keep in mind lots of parameters like: selection of port(s) of loading/unloading, carriers availability and the equipment they use, seasonal challenges that influence the tonnage allowed on the roads and capacity availability on the water. The list of the factors influencing the project's successful execution can be made for every segment of transportation. In case of North America, a huge factor is the inland transportation, this is where all the major bottlenecks arise. Balena Projects consulting service is designed to help you to identify those challenges well in advance (usually 6-12 months at least before the first shipment is booked) to avoid the last minute surprises. We have a vast experience in performing route surveys and engineering analysis for bridges, underground structures, pavement etc. Those services exist for one reason - to ensure that the particular cargo can actually be transported from one point to another within the reasonable cost and time with the highest safety standards. The sooner we start checking the grounds for your project move the less surprises you will have on the transportation day.