Ground transport along with other ancillary services, help us to provide tailor made logistic solutions to our clients which we design as per their requirements and business ecosystem to help cut their cost and delivery time while focusing on end user satisfaction. Our trucking service is based on the principle of providing our clients with the flexibility and reliability to move loads across or between countries whenever they want. When the load is extremely heavy or over-dimensional in nature it's time when our experts and technicians from Special Projects Department roll their sleeves to ensure the safety of the move. The execution plan they produce will have it all from start to finish. Special attention will be given to the loading/unloading environment, route selection, road obstacles tackle plan and arrangements with the third parties on the way.


We believe in providing quality services to our clients in all fields they might need our help with. With our experience in rail road transportation there is nothing we overlook when we handle your cargo. It is a job of Balena's Special Projects Department to ensure that all steps of the rail operation are covered. It starts with rail clearance application with the rail road companies, rail car selection and ensuring its availability and goes all the way through the cargo securing plan engineering, rail car clearing, loading/offloading process and much more.